Square Peg Technology


Computer Technical Support For Small Businesses

I love technology. I love gadgets and gizmos and things with buttons. I love computers and cell phones and tablets. When technology breaks I love to figure out why and try to get it working again.

It took me years to understand that most people do not feel the same.

If someone is a salesperson or an office manager or an accountant and their computer doesn't work it's not interesting to them. That broken computer is not an intriguing mystery waiting to be solved. It is a hunk of metal, plastic and glass sitting on their desk collecting dust and mocking them.

I'm sure this fact is painfully obvious to anyone who works in office. But to someone like me, who loves technology, it took a while to learn.

Why do I share this?

Learning that my customers were not interested in technology in the same way I was, made me a better computer technician.  I learned to balance my interest in the "puzzle" of troubleshooting with the practicality of getting a user back to work quickly.

That's what I bring to small businesses in Fayette and Coweta counties.


Computer Technical Support Technician That Actually Answers The Phone

What's the big deal about a computer technical support company that actually answers the phone?  The big deal is that it's rare!

Whether you are looking for computer repair, printer repair, network support or any other help with your computers, we make some important promises!

We promise to answer the phone when you call

We promise to give you an accurate estimate of when we can be at your facility.

We promise to do everything within our power to arrive on time.

If something comes up and we are going to be late, we promise to call you with an update.

We promise to fix the problem or the service call is free.

Ask your current technical support provider if they can make all of these promises.  If they can't ask them why not.



Apply For Your FREE Onsite Technology Evaluation

If you own a small business or make operational decisions for one, you should apply for your free onsite technology evaluation!

We will come to your facility and dig into your computers, printers, servers, routers and firewalls.  We will give you a thorough understanding of your current situation including:

  • risks from viruses
  • internal threat levels
  • external threat levels
  • ideas for improving efficiency
  • answering any technology-related questions you may have