Oct 26

What is more important? How a website looks or what the website says?

By way of an answer I’ll ask a couple of other questions…if you take the pictures off of a website would you have any chance of selling your product/service? What if you take the words off of that site?

The overall aesthetics of a website are important. Don’t get me wrong. When someone lands on our page they make an instantaneous decision about us. That decision is based on colors, layout, images, fonts, etc. Getting the look and feel of a site right is important. But (and this is a big but), what that website says is a thousand times more important.

Our goal, for a commercial website, is to…

1. bring users to our site (preferably users who fit the profile of our ideal prospect);
2. have that user read our landing page;
3. move to another page;
4. spend some time on our site;
5. answer our call to action.

This is another example of a 90/10 rule. Spend 10% of your time tweaking the L&F of your site and 90% of your time building high quality content. Don’t try and game the Search Engines…you will just lose. Enjoy the rewards of playing by the rules.