Aug 26

The pipes under my kitchen sink broke last month. I’ll try not to get to technical here as I explain the situation. If I recall correctly, the “up-and-down pipe” that connects to the” curvy-pipe” got damaged and came loose which resulted in water spilling into the area under the sink. Hope that was not too much plumber jargon for you.

Anyway, I’m a hard-headed man so I told my wife to stand back and let me take care of everything. Crawling under the sink I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing. The situation called for immediate action…I went to the hardware store. Returning home with a bag full of foreign objects, the operation began.

Two hours later I had much to show for myself. I was $50.00 poorer, my back was killing me, the red lump on my forehead throbbed, I had wasted two hours of my life, I was going to have to have to call a plumber to clean up my mess, and my wife had one more example of what an idiot I am. With head hanging and tail between my legs, I returned to my domain…in front of the computer. I tried to forget my embarrassment by getting to work on my website.

That leads us to the question of whether you should you hire a professional SEO firm to help drive traffic to your website? The question is straight forward enough and the answer seems simple enough. But, do you want to hire a professional or do you want to do it yourself?

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

Expertise – A professional SEO firm will have specific expertise gained over years of experience.

Objectivity – The professional can focus on the primary task of turning your website into a money making machine.

Creativity – A qualified firm will bring out-of-the-box creativity to the project.

Focus – Hiring a professional will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while they optimize your website.

Return on Investment – A third party firm can offer a higher ROI because the optimization will be done correctly the first time.

Technology – A professional SEO service provider will be familiar with the latest technology and how to put it to work for you.

Advantages of optimizing your website yourself

Familiarity – You are much more familiar with your operation, goals, data, etc. than any consultant could ever be.

Cost – You won’t have to write a big check if you do your own SEO.

A qualified professional SEO firm will be able to learn enough about your operations to do their job. They will not need to understand every intricacy of your business in order to drive traffic to your website. However, clear communication with you regarding details of your target market will be essential to their success.

Further, the money you save by doing your SEO yourself may have tremendous opportunity costs in the long run. Do you know where to start? How much time will you need to invest getting up to speed? What if you do it wrong and have to start over?

The Point

If you are not a professional plumber, call one when the pipes break. If you are not an Internet Marketing expert, call one when you need to optimize your website. Square Peg Technology is a professional SEO firm that can transform your current website into an indispensible business generating tool.

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