"8 Imaginary Roadblocks To Enjoying A Profitable Website That Professional Web Developers Are Tickled To Let You Accept As Gospel!"


Even the most non-technical entrepreneur in the most non-technical business can build their own website in an afternoon!

Bold statement I know.  Don’t worry…I can back it up!

The days of slapping up an ugly website and saying, “There!  Now I have a ‘web presence’!” are over.

They are long gone.


Even the smallest, most specialized business must have a professional website in today’s business environment.

No problem! Just find a developer, tell them what you want and write a big check.  Too easy!

Or is it?

I guarantee you’ll be able to find someone who promises to build your dream website.  Good luck finding someone who will actually come through for you.

If you are lucky enough to find a reliable developer, the next hurdle is moving the picture of the website you want from your mind to theirs.

No easy task.

Of course, none of this conversation matters if you don’t have a 5-figure budget.  Even if you do have the budget to have the site built, what about ongoing maintenance? 

Who’s going to do it? 

How much will it cost? 

Is your head spinning yet?  Don’t feel bad…mine is too.

The “Online Conspiracy”

In the eternal words of Johnny Fever, “When they are all out to get you, paranoia is just good sense.”

They may not all be out to get you, but it sure seems like a conspiracy is afoot.  Specifically, the “techies” are trying to convince the “non-techies” that building a website is just too hard.

Why would they do such a thing?  Simple…they want to retain the power, keep you at their mercy and line their pockets with your hard-earned cash.

But, I’m not going to let them do that to you!

I’m here to tell you the truth!

I’m here to tell you that anyone who is smart enough to operate a small business is smart enough to design, build and maintain their own professional-looking website.

You heard me right! I’m suggesting you (or a staff member you delegate to the task) build your own website.

4 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Website!

1  You know better than anyone in the world what you do, how you do it and (most importantly) why you do it.

2. By communicating directly with your customers, in your own style, you build the genuine relationship they are craving.

3. If you hire yourself, you KNOW you are hiring a dependable employee.

4. You will no longer have to put a critical part of your business into the hands of some kid who doesn’t even shave yet. 

Can Anyone Really Build Their Own Website?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think literally anyone can create their own website.

If you believe anything worthwhile can be accomplished with zero effort or if you think wishing a problem away is a valid strategy, then I probably can’t help you very much.

However, if you are willing to invest a modest amount of time and if you can follow crystal clear instructions, then you will probably get a ton of value from the information I want to share with you. 

Next Steps

“That’s all very interesting, Clay, what’s my next step?

I created a guide specifically for non-technical business owners and their teams. It outlines the 8 imaginary roadblocks you think are holding you back.

I’m not asking for a big commitment.  The FREE guide is only 8 pages long.  You can probably read it in 10 minutes or less.

Could I have written 80 or 800 pages on the topic of small business website design?  Absolutely.

I chose to keep it short and sweet.  You can read it and immediately see how you have been misled.

Your next step is to grab a copy of this report.

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