Sep 26

People refuse to believe that content is the most important factor when optimizing a website. They dig for that “trick” that is going to catapult them past their competitors. I’ll share a secret…there is no trick!

When some person out in the world sits down at their computer, points their browser at their favorite search engine and types in a keyword they are looking for one thing only. That person is looking for INFORMATION. If a user types in “industrial cleaning products” and ends up on a page about “Britney Spears” they will be clicking on the back button in nanoseconds. Hits like that don’t do anyone any good.

The point is that we should spend our time developing unique, well-writen, keyword-dense content so that surfers find their answers when they land on our page. This is what I call a win-win-win because the SEs give us points for relevance, the user finds what they are looking for, and we have a fighting chance of accomplishing whatever our goal is (purchase, subscribe, call, etc).

It’s the content, stupid!

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