Sep 6

How important is relevance? Well the short answer is…VERY.

Let’s back up a bit and look at what relevance means. It all starts with a real person, somewhere in the world, sitting down at a computer and typing a keyword into a Search Engine. What are they looking for? Information.

If that user types in “red car” then clicks on a link and ends up on a page about blue bicyles they are going to leave quickly. If, on the other hand, that user sees a list of organic results and ads all of which are clearly about red cars she will be happy. If she follows one of those links and ends up on a page that is all about red cars then she is really happy.

This is what we call relevance, which can be illustrated like this…

keyword > adcopy > landing page

Industy best practices suggest that if we strive for relevance, or actually hyper-relevance, we will enjoy better results from Google and the other search engines. I did a little experiment this week to see if I could quantify how much better my results would be with a properly optimized Adwords campaign.

My results, though not scientific, were stunning.

The first two lines represent campaigns that are set up with the same set of keywords/adgroups. However they point to two different landing pages. Campaign 1 points to a marginally optimized page while Campaign 2 points to one that is fully optimized. You can see that the impressions were identical, but the second campaign enjoyed ten times (10x) the number of clicks.

It turns out that hyper-relevance really pays off.

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