Oct 26

If anyone tells you that they know how to make your website rank higher by tricking Google…run away…quickly. You have either found the smartest guy in the world (able to game Google’s 200 PhDs), a scammer, or someone who does not know what they are talking about. My bet is on one of the last two options.

Google has set itself up to reward those who play by the rules. Focus on adding quality content to your site and everything else will work out. Each page you add should be based on a profitable keyword. It should be written in short, active sentences. It should solve some problem for a reader. If you follow these rules, you have created what Google calls a “relevant” webpage.

When we create relevant webpages, everyone wins. The user wins because they find what they are looking for. Google wins because they meet their goal of delivering users to the information they seek. The webmaster wins because they user, now pleased with you, may buy from you.

Don’t make it hard. Fighting the system only ends up in frustration.