Virtual CIO

Square Peg Technology offers what is typically called “Managed Services”.   That’s a fancy way of  saying “we fix your broken stuff no matter who broke it”.  We take it a step further by helping you make sure you stuff doesn’t get broken in the first place.

We feel strongly about how most computer consulting firms price their services.  (You can read more about that in a recent blog post).  We believe strongly in a fair wage for a good day’s work.  Some may call that old-fashioned but we call it good common sense.

Since all small businesses are different, we offer a wide variety of packages.

Email Support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Online Support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Phone Support Not Included Business Hours The Hotline
Monthly Onsite Not Included One Custom
Gap Analysis $250.00 $150.00 FREE
Project Management Not Included Minor Projects Major Projects
OEM Liasson Not Included Not included Full Service
IT Procurement Specification Full Service Full Service